Brinjac offers full integration of infrastructure, low voltage and communications design, sound/video, LAN/WAN and CCTV/security systems for a solution tailored to meet your enterprise's needs. Our staff is augmented by RCDD, Security specialists, Telecommunications Designers, experienced Outside Plant specialists, and CADD designers. The Telecommunications group also calls on our experienced electrical and mechanical professional engineers (P.E.s), to provide design support for our technology projects.

  • Infrastructure/Outside Plant
  • Data Centers
  • VOIP Telephone System
  • Sound/Video Systems/CATV
  • LAN and WAN Designs
  • CCTV/Security Systems
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Smart Classrooms/AV
  • Nurse Call, Specialty Systems
  • Paging and Communications
  • Low Voltage/Digital Lighting Controls