Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex

PA State Capitol Complex
Brinjac provided multi-discipline engineering design services for the Pennsylvania State Capitol Complex, as part of our commission by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of General Services to design fire and life safety improvements to the main State Capitol Building.
The team developed a solution to improve interior and exterior lighting while reducing energy costs. A study revealed that the interior and exterior of the central dome at the main rotunda along with the exterior of the smaller north and south domes, the center west portico, and three flags could all be lighted at an annual energy cost of $7,000 less than what it previously took to light only the center dome. The savings came not only from advances in lighting technology, but also in the proper selection of lighting hardware
The additional new lighting hardware and associated labor constituted about 3% of the total project cost. Although not originally in the scope of work, the lighting upgrades will provide the most visible and lasting legacy of this project in the eyes of the community.

Photo by Christopher Levan