Milton Hershey School

Milton Hershey School
Fannie B. Hershey Elementary School
Brinjac provided mechanical, electric, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, and structural engineering design and value engineering services for the construction of a new 85,000 SF elementary school which will serve approximately 275 students in Grades K through 5. The new facility accommodates three separate classroom clusters: one for early childhood, Grades K-2, and two for Grades 3-5; shared classrooms, library, art and science facilities adjacent to the classroom clusters; a wing of non-classroom functions including a gymnasium/auditorium, swimming pool, related locker facilities, a dining room and serving kitchen, music and practice room, a health clinic and school administration; and a partial basement and attic spaces containing mechanical equipment.
New Student Resident Housing
Brinjac provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing fire protection, lighting, and communications distribution design services associated with the construction of twenty student residences of approximately 8,400-sf to house 10-12 students each. One prototypical design for the residence served as the basis for all twenty. The design accommodates two wings of bedrooms and toilets for students, one wing including a living/ dining room, kitchen playroom, laundry and office, etc., and a partial basement with a mechanical room with two storage rooms.
Campus Lighting Master Plan
Brinjac provided lighting design concepts for the campus based on principles of visual orientation and nighttime enhancement. An extensive lighting master plan was presented to outline basic fundamentals of exterior lighting design services were provided guidelines for future projects. Subsequent exterior lighting design services were provided throughout the campus congruent with the original concepts set forth in the master plan. The design also included lighting for streets, pathways, landscaping, building facades, fountains, pavilions, and special features, along with custom fixture hardware design. The master plan was implemented in several phases beginning in 1996 and continuing to the present day.