Dansko Shoe Headquarters

Dansko Shoe Headquarters

This progressive shoe manufacturer desired clean modern architecture and simple approaches to sustainability. The desire for the lighting system to be as elegant and sustainable as their shoes drove many of the design decisions.

The open office was illuminated with indirect/direct pendants lamped with T5HO lamps which operate at peak efficacy due to the warm air stratification caused by the underfloor air distribution system.  Light levels were generally established slightly lower than IESNA standards and decorative fixtures were minimized in favor of inexpensive fixtures concealed by the architecture. This can be viewed in the basement hall where a striplight is concealed by the HVAC duct that feeds the floor plenum above. 

The lighting control system allows individual dimming of the lights for every workstation.  Vacancy sensors, photocells, time clock functions all work in conjunction to reduce the lighting load. The system also works with the HVAC, security, and fire alarm systems to turn off emergency lighting and other loads when not needed.

Daylighting was integrated through passive solar overhangs outside, light shelves inside, and an automated sheer glare control shade on the vision glass. The shade automatically adjusts based on time of day, time of year, and user preferences. 

The result was LEED Gold with a connected lighting power density of 0.68 watts per square foot.